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RLE Systems' team of engineers and production specialists work closely with each customer to design and develop the fluid control solution that fits your needs. Existing products can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.


Our designated environmental test facility offers reliable testing from -103°F to 392°F (-75°C to 200°C). This allows us to rigorously test components in the most arduous of conditions to simulate and exceed conditions in the field of service.


Our 3D printing service allows us to accelerate your design ideas into functional products for proof of concept and onward to production.

When you can not only visualize a product but can feel it you can gain a better understanding of its operation before spending large sums of money of tooling and fixtures. Design changes can be incorporated quickly and affordably without complex and costly tooling changes.

Your route to market can shorten to maximize revenue and minimize lead time.


For more robust applications manufactured from specific materials we can utilize CNC milling & turning facilities. These facilities can produce low volume prototypes to test for operation in a variety of environmental conditions. Where assembly is required our designated work cells can assemble and test to desired standards. This offers a cost effective method to produce complex parts in low volumes without expensive tooling and fixtures.